Congratulations to all of these amazing, trailblazing, #NEXTPowerhouse Award winners! 

What makes a Powerhouse?

Over the past year, these Powerhouses recognized a challenge or problem in their companies or in the industry, then took the initiative to improve it.

The challenges could be related to any of the many issues that arose in the mortgage industry over the past year, such as:

  • Pandemic-related issues, like the need for data security among remote workforces, or the lack of connectivity typical among work from home staff
  • Issues related to industry trends, like the workflow, client service, and other challenges arising from a deluge of origination volume
  • Issues related to the nation’s increased focus on diversity, inclusion and fairness
  • Or other important issues over the past 12 months

NEXT Powerhouses are role models, mentors and change agents. They advocate for progress and push companies forward, whether in technology use, in infrastructure chagnes, or in the way we treat and relate to each other as professionals and human beings.

Join us in celebrating these women and their accomplishments.

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