Nominate a female powerhouse for NEXT’s inaugural 50 Over 50 Awards.

Join us in celebrating the mortgage industry’s badass women over 50. We’re looking for 50 women professionals, over the age of 50 for NEXT’s inaugural 50 Over 50 Awards.

These are the go-to professionals, whether in the executive suite, at the front desk or in the back office, who are making the most of technology, new ideas and modern advances to keep you and your company moving forward.

If you’re wondering if you or someone else fits the bill, think of it this way: 

NEXT’s 50 Over 50 Awards are for women professionals who get sh*t done.

50 Over 50 women have a track record of greatness in adapting to change and adopting new technology. They’re tech evangelists, early adopters, change agents and/or advocates of modernization. Maybe she’s the one who’s always tackling difficult projects. Maybe she’s the company mentor. Maybe she’s the one you call in to bring it across the finish line. Maybe she’s the one who keeps everything running in perfect, forward-moving shape, even though no one thinks to ask how.  

NEXT’s 50 Over 50 Awards are open to all women professionals in the mortgage industry.

Your nominee can be the one who identifies or implements new technologies. She can be the advocate of new ideas. Maybe she’s the company go-to for standing it up. 

She doesn’t have to be the one who’s on stage in the spotlight, although she can be, and we’ll applaud that too. She can also be the solid force behind the scenes, the one who stays back during conference time and makes sure things don’t break and the company stays profitable.  

Either way, she’s the one everyone relies on (whether they know it or not), because she’s the one who always gets it done.

50 Over 50 Award Submission Guidelines

  • Submission period closes at midnight Eastern Time on Friday, June 5th.
  • This award is open to women mortgage professionals who were born on or before June 5th, 1970.
  • Nominees must be currently employed in a company that serves the mortgage industry (origination or servicing).
  • Professionals may nominate themselves and 3rd parties, such as public relations firms, may also nominate professionals.
  • Winners must agree to Terms and Conditions

50 winners will be selected by a team of judges, and will be contacted in July 2020. Best of luck! We look forward to receiving your submission.

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