In honor of Women’s History Month, six women leaders from ServiceLink reflect on the power and importance of mentorship, and how to attract more women to the mortgage industry.

Has mentorship made a positive impact on your career?

Lindsay Loebig
Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance

Mentorship has absolutely made a positive impact on my career. I have greatly benefited on both sides of mentorship and have learned just as much as a mentor as I have as a mentee.

Mentorship helped keep me grounded, provided me with different perspectives, and guided me through my professional journey. Through mentorship, I was able to expand my connections, create opportunities for myself and achieve career milestones.

Susan Falsetti
Managing Director, Origination Title & Close

Yes, not just throughout my career but through my entire life I’ve been fortunate to have some great mentors.

One in particular helped me realize that patience is most certainly a virtue, and sometimes you just need to sit back and let things be and in the end all things work out as they should.

Amy Borsi Daniel
Senior Vice President, Title & Close

Mentorship has been an incredible part of my life overall. It is important to develop and build these types of relationships throughout your career.

I’ve learned valuable lessons from my mentors over the years that hold true today, whether it is advice on difficult conversations or how to put together a presentation, these lessons stay with me. A good mentor (to me) is someone who provides that little voice during tough situations that helps guide you through.

How important is mentorship in supporting the next generation of women leaders in the industry?

Ying Wang
User Experience Manager

It is crucial. Good mentors can help future women leaders articulate career ambition and gain confidence at the workplace.

As young female professionals, we are eager to prove our abilities and make an impact. But we often do not know what exactly we need to do, step by step, to achieve our goals.

Mentors can help us break down a vision into effective execution plans.

Natascha DeVries
Vice President, Account Management

Mentorship is very important in supporting the next generation of women leaders. I am very fortunate in my personal life to have surrounded myself with women leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and mentors.

My sisterhood is strong, and we consistently support, uplift and care for each other. We celebrate promotions, milestones, new chapters and are always there for each other when times are tough. That support has meant the world to me and has shaped who I am today and how I approach my work.

Similarly, I always strive to pay-it-forward to the next generation through mentorship as I know, firsthand, what a positive impact it can have on someone’s career trajectory.

How can we get more women to enter the mortgage industry?

Erin Reed-Esser
Vice President, Vendor Operations

A few ideas come to mind. First, companies should strive to create inclusive and diverse workplaces that inspire out-of-the-box thinking to attract the talent required to drive innovation forward.

Second, the mortgage industry should work to amplify the good work and innovations from talented women across the housing landscape, while also providing online resources for women to explore different career paths in the field. And lastly, providing mentorship to women interested in entering the field is another great way to support them and guide them to their desired career path in the housing space.

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