We’re collaborating with Faith Schwartz and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve got a lot of really great things planned for the coming weeks and months (hint, hint!), so stay tuned for more announcements.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of our collaboration:

Today, we announced that we’ve formed a strategic alliance with Housing Finance Strategies, a Washington, DC-based advisory firm led by renowned industry veteran and award winner Faith Schwartz, former executive director of HOPE NOW.

The official press announcement is here.

This alliance gives the NEXT community a Washington, DC presence and expands our footprint into housing policy and regulations. Together, we’ll be working on a variety of projects that advance executives’ industry knowledge of housing policy and regulations and promote effective deal-making.

Everyone is excited. Read what each of the partners has to say:

“This collaboration avails a new level of intel to the NEXT community and puts a lot of power behind our growth plans,” said Jeri Yoshida, co-founder of NEXT. “Housing Finance Strategies is respected across the housing industry for its expertise, and Faith is renowned for decades of noteworthy accomplishments. We’re thrilled for the advances this collaboration will bring to the industry.“

“Having served as the keynote speaker at the NEXT Technology conference earlier this year on behalf of FormFree, I was enamored with the niche NEXT serves,” said Faith Schwartz, Owner of Housing Finance Strategies, LLC. “The intersection of my consulting firm — with clients ranging from big 4 consulting firms to non-banks and fintechs — and NEXT is a tremendous fit and the timing with all the housing-related issues in play is prescient.”

“NEXT is known for delivering the type of executive intel that changes business outcomes, as well as individual careers,” said Molly Dowdy, co-founder of NEXT. “This strategic alliance will turbocharge what NEXT delivers as Faith and Housing Finance Strategies bring unrivaled thought leadership to the NEXT community on a consistent basis.”

STAY TUNED for exciting news! We’ve got lots of great stuff in store with Housing Finance Strategies. In fact, we’re making an announcement we think you’re going to love in just a few weeks.

We’re excited about this new platform and can’t wait to provide executive women with even more knowledge and connections.

NEXT and Housing Finance Strategies

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