Mbanq, a Silicon Valley-based banking-as-a-service (BaaS) provider has partnered with CrowdPoint Technologies, a developer of blockchain-based platforms, to create a new digital banking fintech

The platform will combine traditional finance, accounts, payment cards, and international payment rails with its leading-edge innovation in blockchain technology. It will leverage CrowdPoint’s existing Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange (BEX).

BEX is an assembly of meta-fintech exchanges powered by a disruptive blockchain enabling e-commerce retailers and commodities traders to develop digital apps and reach rapid growth through predictive customer relationship management (CRM) models. A key advantage of BEX is its adaptability for use across any industry sector.

“Mbanq’s digital banking technology and regulatory expertise makes it a perfect partner for us,” said Eraj Akhtar, chief futures officer at CrowdPoint. “This opportunity to develop new fintech and e-commerce solutions further helps our mission to connect people with their world better.”

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