Credit cardholders’ are feeling slightly more confident they can pay their full credit card balances this month. This is the first uptick seen in cardholder confidence after three months of no change, according to LendingTree’s latest Credit Card Confidence Index.

Credit cardholders have been stable despite rising interest rates, inflation, and debt. But summer may cause a small dip in confidence and an increase in credit card bills.

Short-term confidence has dropped by at least 4 percentage points in three of the past four Junes. With costs continuing to rise, a similar dip is expected in 2023.

LendingTree’s findings include:

  • Short-term confidence increases slightly: 62% of credit card users feel confident about paying their monthly statement balance in full this month. That’s up 1 percentage point from April.
  • Long-term confidence stays steady: 46% of credit cardholders expect to pay the full amount that they owe on their card’s monthly statement for at least five of the next six months. This is the same as in April.
  • Savings are helping some feel confident: 32% of confident cardholders believe they have enough savings to pay for any unexpected expenses. This is a slight decrease from April but the same as the average since LendingTree started tracking this data in October 2022.
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