What does it take to woo new home buyers out of the fast growing cities and into a small town? Cash might do it, but what about free grandparents? Business Insider has the story of one Indiana town that is using Midwestern hospitality to attract new residents.

“Greensburg…the less than 10-square-mile town in Decatur County is offering to pay people $5,000 to live in the town, as well as about $2,000 worth in gift cards to local businesses and a yearlong membership to the local co-working space and YMCA,” according to the story.

It’s the rise in remote working that has the city government excited. The plan is to get remote workers to relocate by offering a “Grandparents on Demand” program.  

The service will pair new citizens with local senior citizens who will baby sit and act as a stand-in at students’ Grandparent’s Day free of charge.

Kudos to Mayor Joshua Marsh and the city council for advancing the idea. But the entire community seems to be getting behind it.

“I am willing to be a grandma to anyone’s child who needs that person in their life,” Tami Wenning, the executive director for the Decatur County Community Foundation, told a local news channel. “Our community is just really warm and welcoming to people and I just want people to come here and feel good about the choice that they made.”

Will it work? We’ll track the story and let you know.

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