Better, a digital mortgage lender, has been named among the 30 “2021 Breakthrough Brands,” by Interbrand, a global brand consultancy.

Five themes of innovation emerge from the 2021 Breakthrough Brands:

  • Power in Representation: The impact and momentum of Black Lives Matter has had ripple effects on the corporate world and given momentum behind companies who focus on increasing representation and diversity in different categories.
  • Flipping the Focus on Preventative Health: Even in spite of Covid, new brands and technologies are democratizing healthcare – making monitoring and diagnostics available to those on lower incomes, with less comprehensive insurance and the time-poor.
  • Tackling Taboos: A long time in the making, we are seeing an explosion of brands in the personal care space bring empowerment and acceptance of our very human issues.
  • Easing Parenthood Anxieties: Thanks to Covid, the lack of intergenerational networks providing support and wisdom means millennial parents feel like they are alone in this new phase.
  • Gaming Everything: Gaming is no longer a stereotyped, niche activity – it is bleeding into different industries and impacting the design aesthetic of brands.

Interbrand’s Breakthrough Brands 2021 include:

  • Afresh – Grocery store management tool for waste reduction
  • Air Company – Carbon negative distillation
  • Apeel – New age produce packaging
  • ATAI Life Sciences – Psychedelics for mental health
  • Athletic Brewing Co – Cult-favorite non-alcoholic beer
  • Better – Digitalized, seamless mortgage system
  • BREAD Beauty Supply – Modern haircare for Black and curly hair
  • Butterfly Network – Remote access to ultrasounds
  • Cameo – Personalized celebrity engagement
  • Dapper Labs – Blockchain-based experiences
  • Discord – Messaging platform for niche communities
  • Frida Mom – Post-partum healing and recovery products
  • Greenwood Bank – Digital bank built for minority communities
  • – At home diagnostics
  • Kano – Teaching kids coding
  • Lovevery – Toys aiding infant development
  • Megababe – Unique personal care products
  • Miro – Real-time online collaboration tool
  • Nuro – Autonomous delivery vehicle
  • OffLimits – Category-defying cereal
  • Omsom – Asian meal kit
  • Oura Ring – Frictionless wearable ring
  • Owlet – Smart wearable for infants
  • Pipe – Streamlined capital for start-ups
  • Revolut – Globalized neobank
  • Signal – Non-profit encrypted messaging system
  • – Blockchain-based fan engagement tool
  • SpringHill Company – Media company focused on diverse stories
  • Starface – Light-hearted acne products
  • Zwift – At-home fitness for dedicated cyclists
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