Many home buyers who believe they’re priced out of the housing market by high home prices and interest rates may qualify for a lower rate and don’t know it, according to new insight from CreditXpert, the predictive credit score platform that helps lenders identify an applicant’s near-term credit potential.

The insight was derived from the company’s most recent Mortgage Credit Potential Index (MCPI), a monthly analysis of mid-score mortgage credit inquiries by 20-point band that serves as an indicator of changes in mortgage demand across the consumer credit spectrum.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that many would-be home buyers have no idea how fast and easy it would be for them to raise their credit score and qualify for a mortgage with a lower monthly payment,” said CreditXpert Vice President of Marketing, Mike Darne. “Our data show that millions of Americans could raise their scores within 30 days by taking a few simple steps.”

The MCPI was designed to help lenders see how shifts in inquiry volume and applicant credit potential should influence their lending operations by reducing credit fallout and offering more competitive rates in an increasingly competitive mortgage market, according to CreditXpert.

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