Melody Wright has joined Avanze as senior vice-president of compliance and training. Wright, an industry veteran of 22 years, began her mortgage career at GMAC ResCap, a subsidiary of what is now known as Ally Financial, in 2006. 

Wright’s early roles were focused on large-scale corporate transitions and asset sales, investor relations, IPO preparation, and strategic alternative scenarios to avoid the fate of many of its competitors during the financial crisis. She coordinated with regulators, agencies, and across all business units to ensure no disruption from the company’s bankruptcy filing so that loans would continue to fund and be properly serviced and employees could continue to come to work. 

Wright left ResCap to pursue opportunities at non-bank servicers, which included managing servicing departments such as bankruptcy, claims, default reporting, attorney oversight, third-party oversight, document administration, and performing. She joined a fintech company in 2019 and spent three years working with clients to design and implement innovative and integrative solutions in origination and servicing. 

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