An article in Fast Company has suggested that it may be easier than previously thought for men to play a positive role in ensuring gender equality in the corporate enterprise.

Penned by Arianne Cohen, the article shines a light on a new study from the University of Kansas that found that “simple statements of allyship from male colleagues can go a long way in the workplace.”

“No grand speech is necessary,” Cohen wrote. “A male coworker simply needs to say something along the lines of, ‘I really care about gender equality and intend to act as an ally for women in this office.’ The study, out of the University of Kansas, found that these statements both helped set norms for the team, as well as improved women’s feelings of inclusion.”

Verbal communication from men that they support the women in their companies opens the door for equality. This is true, the study found, even if it is said by just one man.

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