Soon the latest technology from around the globe will beon displayat CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in January, months before they hit stores. This year, however, the hundreds of thousands of tech industry and media geeks who normally go to Las Vegas every January, will have to stay home.

CES 2021 will take place virtually from January 12-14, 2021. Free limited access to “select public programming” will be available via registration at the CES website. (Access to the entire show costs $149 before January 4, 2020 and $499 after.)

“Sitting in front of a screen doesn’t hold a candle to wandering wide-eyed through aisles jammed with thousands of attendees, chatting with exhibitors, attending evening parties and collecting tacky giveaways,” wrote New York-based technology journalist and academic Sree Sreenivasan, a longtime fan who regularly covers the event. “But at least consumers can now be in the virtual audience as some of the events happen.”

On the other hand, the Founder Institute is preparing for a virtual event for the business minded. The startup accelerator’s 18th Global Founder Showcase takes off tomorrow, December 16, 2020, and will feature new portfolio alumni and presentations from select entrepreneurs that completed recent accelerator programs.

The Founder Showcase is a free online event and Silicon Valley’s leading international startup pitch event created to help seed-stage startups learn, launch, and connect to investors across the globe. Since 2008, speakers like Elon Musk and startups like Udemy and Thumbtack have presented on Founder Showcase’s stage. 

Angels, venture capitalists, media, mentors and, according to the organization’s website, anyone from the general public interested in startups and global innovation, are invited to attend and connect. That includes participation in a live networking portion of the event on Airmeet. 

In the mortgage space, Salesforce introduced Einstein Automate, Optimal Blue’s PPE added HELOC support, Insellerate launched DATA IE, ABS started offering The Loan Office Web

Salesforce introduces Einstein Automate

Salesforce introduced Einstein Automate, an end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) powered workflow automation solution that allows users across industries and business functions to integrate data “across any system with clicks, not code.”

The global customer relationship management (CRM) firm said the new solutions serve organizations such as mortgage companies now shifting to digital-first customer experiences and creating more data from multiple systems.  

The Salesforce Enterprise Technology Trends research study found only 25% of IT leaders said their current technology maximizes employee productivity, which suggests another 75% are in the process of implementing automation technology; Up to 99% believe businesses must be mobile-enabled to thrive in the future.

“In today’s climate, every organization faces a digital imperative to automate complex processes and free up employee time,” said Sarah Franklin, EVP & GM of Platform, Trailhead and AppExchange at Salesforce. “With Einstein Automate, everyone can change the speed of work and be more productive through intelligent workflow automation.”

New Flow Orchestrator – expected to be in beta in the summer 2021- is a low-code workflow development tool that allows users to automate complex, multi-user processes and approvals, using AI-infused robots, flows and components to generate next steps and recommendations that identify bottlenecks causing delays.

The company cites as an example, the mortgage approval process, which requires extensive documentation and verification, and how it can benefit from a streamlined, automated, timely workflow of loan application processing.

New MuleSoft Composer for Salesforceto become generally available in early 2021- gives everyone in an organization the ability to integrate data from multiple systems to Salesforce without writing any code.

It offers a fast easy way to integrate disparate apps and data to Salesforce and develop a 360-degree view of the customer; Allows administrators and other business users to use a library of pre-built connectors and templates to automate integrations.

Pre-built resources from AppExchange and OmniStudio, whichalsoprovide pre-built solutions for any industry, are generally available to help teams implement automation quickly.

Businesses have access to more than 700 automation solutions built by Salesforce and its partners on the new Einstein Automate collection page.

On Salesforce AppExchangetools includesolutions for robotic process automation (RPA), Einstein Bots, Flow Templates, Actions and Components, MuleSoft Connectors, Process Libraries, partner solutions and more. Platform users can implement pre-built solutions to automate processes quickly, instead of building systems from scratch.

The Salesforce OmniStudio – consists of a suite of task-based digital components with deep industry-specific transactional capabilities. Used across multiple devices and channels, and at scale, OmniStudio includes no-code tools and pre-built guided experiences or templates.

Optimal Blue’s PPE engine to support HELOCs

Black Knight’s Optimal Blue product, pricing and eligibility (PPE) engine was recently enhanced to fully support the pricing of first and second lien home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) for the secondary mortgage market. Added capabilities include automated premier search for HELOCs that eliminate manual workarounds and associated workflows within the pricing engine.

“As the originations market sees record volume, tightening profits and an increasingly competitive landscape, advanced automation and innovation continue to be impactful differentiators during this critical time,” said Scott Happ, president of Black Knight Secondary Marketing Technologies. “Both are at the core of the Optimal Blue PPE.”

Automated HELOC capabilities allow mortgage lenders that leverage the Optimal Blue PPE “to instantly provide their customers with the best home equity options available” and confidently execute the most profitable lending strategies, he said.

The new HELOC support software can integrate directly with a lender’s loan origination system making the loan pricing process more efficient and support data quality throughout the mortgage loan life cycle.

The platform uses an extensive set of granular and highly sophisticated product filters to identify applicable loan programs and evaluate best-execution pricing among all eligible products. Via Optimal Blue PPE, mortgage lenders gain access to data on demand and evade traditional processes that require lenders to separately capture, manipulate or review investor content.

Insellerate launches DATA IE

Mortgage customer experience focused fintech, Insellerate announced the release of its DATA IE solution designed to enable lenders to tap borrower data to generate actionable insights that lead to intelligent borrower engagement and improved customer experience.

DATA IE leverages that data to provide personalized borrower outreach and relationships via timely messaging throughout the borrower journey.

“It is critical to provide lenders with actionable data insights that provide a truly personal and engaging customer experience,” said Josh Friend, CEO of Insellerate. “We understand the desire of lenders to better serve their customers, which is why we continue to deliver innovative solutions to allow lenders to do just that.”

Insellerate’s DATA IE enables loan officers “to craft the right message at the right time with the right offer” through the power of intelligent technology, the fintech said, enabling users to support both borrower retention and higher conversions.

Built by mortgage professionals, the Insellerate platform is highly scalable and configurable. It operates full CRM and engagement functionality and automated marketing lenders can use to improve borrower and loan officer experience anytime, from anywhere.

ABS introduces The Loan Office Web

Mortgage origination and servicing fintech, Applied Business Software, Inc. (ABS) is offering The Loan Office® Web portal, specifically designed for the servicing needs of smaller lenders whether they service a handful, or hundreds of loans.

The Long Beach, Calif., based company founded in 1978, is aglobal provider of lending software systems and solutions designed from the ground up. it designed The Loan Office as an affordable loan servicing and management option that collects payments, pays investors, and generates statements.

Features include borrower account payments, step-rate loan processing, comprehensive year-end tax reporting, printing and mailing of 1098, 1099-INT, T5 custom documents, conversation log, reminder system, user defined fields, escrow accounting, unlimited loan charges, payment processing, built-in financial calculator, and the newly added borrower online payments web portal.

“The use and implementation of this design and technology result in a product that is powerful, easy to use, responsive and affordable. We never cut corners, and once again are delighted to deliver our customers a system that streamlines the entire process for managing portfolios,” said Carlos Nodarse, CEO of Applied Business Software.

“We are thrilled to launch the web-based version of The Loan Office. We know our customers want a responsive, robust application using cutting-edge technology,” said Jasen Portero, COO and principal developer of The Loan Office®. “They trust ABS with the automation of their back office.”

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