Plunk, the real-time analytics platform for residential real estate, announced the launch of its new home valuation and market data tools Plunk Home Value™, Home Ticker, and Market Insights. 

Plunk Home Value provides an up-to-the-minute estimated value for over 104 million homes nationwide, while Home Ticker shows the value of any home as it changes throughout the day, similar to a stock ticker. Market Insights offer a suite of key performance metrics that track and capture local, regional, and overall market performance in real time.

Traditionally, data and associated analysis that inform real estate decisions has lagged by weeks or even months, according to Plunk, and will now be available in real time. Plunk’s next-generation home valuation platform analyzes each individual home, utilizing extensive real estate and non-real estate data—which captures buyer sentiment, demand, and other economic forces impacting local housing markets. 

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