In a recent article in The Economist, 22 emerging technologies were identified that will impact our lives in the near future. One of these touches on our own business: 3D printed buildings. 

“Architects often use 3d printing to create scale models of buildings. But the technology can be scaled up and used to build the real thing,” according to the publication’s prognosticators.

The authors point to Mighty Buildings, a California company that says it will complete a development of 15 eco-friendly 3d-printed homes at Rancho Mirage this year. 

Another firm, icon, based in Texas, plans to start building a community of 100 3d-printed homes near Austin, according to the publication, which would be the largest development of its kind.

But Florida says it’s already there, boasting the world’s first 3d printed home showroom on display. The showroom is for people to get a close look at the emerging technology, Jennifer McKinney told the publication. She is with Apis Cor., a Brevard-based firm that created the 3d house printing robot in the display.
The Economist covers 21 other emerging technologies in its article, ranging from the expected (brain interfaces, vertical farming, hydrogen-powered planes) to the existent (heat pumps, VR workouts, 3d printed bone implants) to the probably distasteful (metaverse, artificial meat and fish). You can find the entire article here.

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