Washington state lawmakers are considering getting rid of single-family zoning in major cities. The goal, to get more housing built. The state Dept. of Commerce estimated that Washington needs to add about 1 million housing units by 2044 “to keep up with population growth.”

Axios Seattle reported on a bill that is going through channels. It would require cities with 6,000 or more residents to allow quadplex housing on all residential blocks. They’d also have to allow sixplexes in areas close to major transit stops.

Local zoning rules ban the construction of dense housing in many neighborhoods. Some lawmakers want to topple those bans.

Most residential areas in Seattle are not currently zoned to allow quadplexes and sixplexes. Mainly, single-family homes are allowed, according to the article.

State Rep. Jessica Bateman (D-Olympia) is the bill’s prime sponsor. She said at a committee hearing that there’s a lack of housing options that fall between apartments and single-family homes. These “missing middle” units are a factor in driving up prices and making homeownership unaffordable.

The bill isn’t being opposed as strongly by cities as last year, the article said—which means it has a better chance of passing.

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