Wells Fargo Wealth & Investment Management has launched a new podcast, “About Money,” focusing on the healthy and productive conversations people can have about money to help empower their financial decision-making. 

Hosted by Michael Liersch, head of advice and planning for Wells Fargo’s Wealth & Investment Management division, “About Money” will focus its first season on money taboos — how to tackle them head on and break through the silence to help listeners get closer to their money goals.

“For many of us, talking about money was — and still is — a topic we don’t openly discuss,” said Liersch. “It happens for various reasons, but by avoiding money discussions, we’re inhibiting the information flow around the best use of money for us as individuals. We all have the opportunity to make better money decisions.”

The 10-episode “About Money” series, which can be found on Spotify, focuses on how to have potentially difficult conversations with your spouse or partner, family members, friends, and other important people in your life. With tips on how to have these conversations, listeners can employ them to further their own goals for their money.

Liersch, who has a doctorate degree in cognitive psychology, currently leads a team at Wells Fargo & Company responsible for developing and propagating research-based methods to help advisors and clients most productively collaborate around their money decisions.

“No one is born with the knowledge of how to use money,” said Liersch. “It’s an abstract concept — just like language. And like language, if you wait too long to learn it, you’ll never master becoming a native speaker. This podcast makes suggestions to help people get started having those money conversations, and ultimately become more comfortable with them.”

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