Ocrolus: Transform documents into 99+% accurate digital data.

Ocrolus is a scalable fintech infrastructure platform that modernizes the way financial documents are analyzed. Using artificial intelligence and human-in-the-loop validation, Ocrolus transforms financial documents into 99+% accurate digital data. Ocrolus has integrated mortgage solutions for automating borrower documents for origination, funding and secondary market preparation. NEXT sponsor FormFree’s Passport™ all-in-one asset, employment and income verification service includes API calls to Ocrolus for paystub collection and data verification. Additionally, Ocrolus can document non-employee income via cross source verification.sers.

Watch the video below to see Planet Home Lending’s Jennifer Folk vet and qualify Ocrolus from a lender’s perspective.

  • Featuring Christine Ponder-Stern, Product Manager at Ocrolus


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