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Cerita J. Battles: Lessons in Leadership

Cerita J. Battles: Lessons in Leadership

CERITA BATTLES KNEW, AT 10, SHE WANTED TO BE A BANKER. That tells you something, right there.  Because what 10-year old growing up in a beautiful, historic, seaside, Florida city, says her ultimate career goal is to be a banker?Olympic swimmer, maybe? Marine biologist, possibly? Lead singer in a band, or top vet at a zoo, or Mariah Carey, maybe? But banker? I don’t think so. (Or, let’s just say, it’s not likely. At 10, I mean. For me, personally, anyway.) But this, of course, is not your typical 10-year old. Not even close. Let me introduce you to Cerita J. Battles, of St. Augustine, Florida. She’s pretty much always known what she wanted in life. And today, (yes) she’s a successful banker. And I have no doubt she was one, smart, ambitious, independent-minded, 10-year old…

Megan Darnell: Jeans and Bare Feet

Megan Darnell: Jeans and Bare Feet

Megan Darnell is new to the mortgage business. She’s actually new to all of financial services. She never worked on Wall Street. And she didn’t hedge servicing portfolios. She wasn’t a loan officer or an underwriter. So what did she do? She grew avocadoes in Mexico....

Suzy Lindblom Loves a Challenge

Suzy Lindblom Loves a Challenge

“SUZY LINDBLOM LOVES A CHALLENGE” BY JANET REILLEY HEWITT — Suzy Lindblom has built an amazing career. But she’s not the type to brag about it. Self-promotion is not in her DNA. Chest thumping is just not a part of who she is.

Lindblom is a detail person, an efficiency expert. One of those people who likes to let results speak for themselves. And in her case, boy, do they ever.

She is chief operating officer for Planet Home Lending, Meriden, Connecticut. And if she was put in charge of all mortgage lending on the planet, she could probably get that done. (Just kidding, but, maybe not?)

Lindblom’s resume reads like the yearbook of someone who has run operations for some of the biggest, most marquee names…

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