Laura Escobar, president at Lennar Mortgage, opens up with candor, humor and authenticity in this intimate discussion. She starts by sharing about the insecurities that emerged when taking the role of president of Lennar, and how she handled them.

She also discusses embracing change, her approach to public speaking by seeking to add value in every circumstance.

Laura’s refreshing attitude presents an important stance on bringing authenticity to every situation and can enlighten leaders everywhere about the benefits of open communication and, of course, taking a cafecito break!

An excerpt from the interview: 

Kristin Messerli: Amazing. Yeah, that’s great. So my last question for you is how you have challenged status quo within yourself.

Laura Escobar: You know, it goes back to me being my true authentic self, and comfortable being me. Lots of people know that I love my Cuban coffee. So being able to pause in any meeting across the country, wherever we are at three o’clock and say it’s cafecito time. Most people now say it, even if they can’t say it, it’s really a lot of fun. And I encourage ladies across the country to stand up. Stand up for what you believe in. Take your seat at the table. I know you’ve heard me say this before, but I’m going to say it every time I can. Take your seat, claim your seat. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. But more importantly, after COVID, I can’t tell you enough, how I have to hold myself to the same. I just can’t talk the talk and I have to walk the walk.

So I continue being who I am as much as I possibly can. And I always share my wax story, and every time I do, I thought everybody’s heard it and I get more and more texts on it, because it really takes everybody to the next level. And I always say at eight o’clock at night, I was at my wax appointment, and my boss at that time thought it was imperative that I have my computer up. And I said, “Well, I’m not able to, but I’m listening.”

“No, no, I need you to have your computer up.” And I said, “Well, I’m at this very moment getting my legs waxed.” And it was a silent pause, silent pause on the other line. And I said, “So do you want to … are you there? Hello? Hello?”

“Laura, we’ll talk tomorrow.” So be who you are. What was wrong with saying what I was doing? It was my time. There was nothing wrong with it. But before, the old Laura would never have done that, Kristin. Old Laura would have said, “Hold on. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.” I would have winged it. Now you could use your computer on your phone, you can do anything. But I wouldn’t have said where I was, or I would have left. Today it’s different. We have made so much progress as women in the mortgage industry. And I want to say to all women out there, Kristin, don’t lose your way. After this last year’s craziness.It’s been wild. Stay the course or get back on it. Be sure to keep relationships strong, continue to grow them. It’s time to reset ourselves so we don’t lose ground, and continue to make headway. Reset everything. Put COVID aside and reset. We have to get back to where we were. We gained so much ground

Kristin Messerli: Oh, beautiful. I think that I have to constantly reset. I feel like that’s something that COVID or not, I didn’t realize that it’s just so easy for things in life to kind of start to get you down in some way and you lose some of that ground. And so I love that call to action, that everyone just constantly take a step back and say, am I bringing my authentic self? Am I bringing my power to every moment and standing confident in that? So I really appreciate-

Laura Escobar: And listen, not just to myself. One of the things that we have had to do is be so isolated that we have not been able to share with one another. The conversations that we’re having are superficial, because we’re not able to hug. We’re not able to feel and to touch and to connect. So those conversations, we need to go deep again, we need to go and hug each other. We need to go and cry. We need to go and laugh. We need to go and drink. We say that. We need to go. We just need to be, but we need to be together.

Kristin Messerli: Oh, that’s so true. How beautiful. I have to say, I was telling one of my teammates yesterday about cafecito and how you were like, this is a time. And so we’ve decided we were going to take cafecito also. So 3:00 pm. We start a little earlier, end a little later, whatever. But I just love that time of day that is like taking a little break. So we’re following in your footsteps.

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