Patty Arvielo, co-founder and CEO of New American Funding, opens up about her insecurities early in her career and recounts the pivotal moments when she stepped into her power with authenticity and confidence.

Patty gives empowering advice to everyone who has ever struggled with imposter syndrome or fear in taking leadership. She says, “Don’t let your insecurities control your success.” Join Kristin in an inspirational mentorship session with this episode of Pivotal Moments. 

An excerpt from the interview: 

Kristin Messerli: So this is a very easy question, but one I want to ask you anyway. In what ways have you challenged the status quo in our industry?

Patty Arvielo: I think if you had a poster that said this person challenged the status quo of the mortgage industry, it probably has my face planted on it. So yeah, I think I’ve changed it. It feels really good. I feel a huge responsibility to all the women looking up at me, letting them know that this is very possible. I use my voice. I think I’m appreciated for that amongst my peers. And so I enjoy just being authentically 100% who I am. And that is somebody who just battled the street to get where I’m at. I was a loan originator. I had realtors yelling at me. I was a processor. I had loan officers yelling at me. I mean, organically, I was really fortunate to just have been in every seat in the mortgage business. That I’m able to now really lead by example and know where people are coming from.

So yeah, I am changing the status quo. I’m super proud of it. There’s a few women that we all know each other and it’s funny because we all equally admire ourselves for doing the same thing, but there’s a handful. But I’m starting to see the emerging leaders. I’ve looked up to you since the second I met you years ago at an AARP event. So we’re looking at you too or like Nuria. I know you know Nuria. I’m looking at you girls to be that next wave. And I think that’s exciting. I feel very fortunate actually.

Kristin Messerli: Yeah, definitely. And it does feel like such a time in our industry where people are welcoming the challenge to the status quo. I mean, there’s obviously a lot of barriers and that kind of thing, but I think people appreciate whenever you are bringing a different perspective or approach. And so it’s an exciting time. And I know, like I said, I’ve looked up to you forever and I feel like so many of us are looking to you and others as an example of authentic leadership. So I think when we think about challenging the status quo, it’s not just thinking beyond what things have been done. It’s looking internally.

Patty Arvielo: Yes, exactly.

Kristin Messerli: So speaking of my last question for you is in what ways have you challenged the status quo in yourself? Like, is there anything you could speak to in terms of your mindset or just internal dialogue that you have challenged? And I know you spoke to that a little bit earlier in terms of just kind of the, like getting over some of the imposter syndrome and that kind of thing, but are there other areas that you’ve shifted your mindset in order to be the leader you are today?

Patty Arvielo: It’s just an ever evolving talk with yourself, right? You should be yourself, very best friend. You should be the one cheering yourself up when days are really hard because in our business, really hard. And so I’ve found that my personal cheerleader was me. And the only great thing about getting old is that you become much more secure of who you are and who you’re supposed to be. And so, I feel a lot of gratitude. I feel very honored. Sometimes I feel lucky, better lucky than good. But I think it’s that I’m settled in who I am and I feel very comfortable around people that I used to be super intimidated around. Now I feel like I give the kudos to men really in our industry as well for really embracing the fact that we’re using our voices.

And so I feel comfortable where I’m at right now in my life and I’m just excited and not angry ever. And that’s kind of a good thing, right? So yeah, our business is hard. Anybody’s an independent mortgage banker knows, listen, there’s no ladder in mortgage lending. It’s a freaking roller coaster with all kinds of tips, turvies, and rounds and ups and downs. And so, yeah, that’s when I found that I was my personal, very own best friend.

Kristin Messerli: I love that. I feel like life is a roller coaster and it is just a, I mean, that’s so cliche to say, but it’s just, you have to constantly be focused on your mindset. And I know that that’s been really important to me. You mentioned that you were one of a handful of female executives really. I mean, that is growing, like we talked about, but do you ever feel like you are, because you’ve challenged the status quo and you stand out a little bit, does that create a sense of pressure on you? Or are you kind of able to… How do you manage that, I guess?

Patty Arvielo: Yeah. So, like I said, just in my last comment, it’s the men in our industry who have really embraced me. And yeah, I talked to the women that seek advice from me because no matter what, sometimes we feel intimidated and listen, there’s bad in everything. Right. And, but yeah, I feel very confident in my voice, especially in this industry. And I feel like I’ve done a lot of good for everyone. And using my voice with regards to regulation and with regards to just the way we all run our companies, I really feel like I do for the bigger, good, right. So, the people that I want to love me, love me. Right. And the people who I don’t care about like me or don’t like me, I don’t care. So I always say seek approval from those whom you respect. So people that I respect really care about me and I appreciate that. So other than that, I can’t worry about it.

Kristin Messerli: That’s so good. I’m such a people pleaser. I just like want everyone, if someone is unhappy, then I’m like, but they need to be happy. But you have to be authentic to you and care about people that you care about. So, yeah. That’s great. Well, thank you so much, Patty, for being on. I appreciate everything you’ve done in our industry and your leadership. And thank you for taking a little bit of time with me today.

Patty Arvielo: Thank you. It’s always my pleasure. Thank you so much.

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