#NEXTPowerhouse Partner Awards for allies of women in mortgage

For mortgage industry vendors and service providers.

Want to nominate a lender? Click here to go to the #NEXTPowerhouse Awards for women mortgage professionals. 


  • #NEXTPowerhouse Partner Awards are now open to both women AND MEN
  • Industry voting — all nominees get 2 months of visibility and promotion during industry voting period

Behind every successful woman in the mortgage industry are vital allies making sure she shines. The #NEXTPowerhouse Partner Awards will honor these partners — female AND male.

(That’s right — #NEXTPowerhouse Partner Awards are open to ALL GENDERS.)

Nominations from all corporate levels are welcome, from the executive suite to the front desk to the back office. The nomination fee is $495 and all nominations must be received by Friday, July 29th, 2022 at midnight ET.

Who is eligible to be a #NEXTPowerhouse Partner?

The #NEXTPowerhouse Awards are open to all people working in companies supporting mortgage lenders, from legal service firms to technology companies and loan servicers, and everything in between.

If this person goes out of their way to be an ally to women, they should be nominated as a #NEXTPowerhouse Partner.

What makes a #NEXTPowerhouse Partner?

#NEXTPowerhouse Partners recognize the challenges women often face in the mortgage industry and they take initiative to help her succeed. The support could be related to any of the many issues that arose in the mortgage industry over the past year. Here are some examples:

  • Offer support for successful tech implementations
  • Provide invaluable advice or mentorship critical to a woman’s success in the mortgage industry
  • Introduce women to new opportunities or networks
  • Shine a spotlight on women’s achievements in mortgage lending
  • Or other important contributions over the past 12 months

NEXT Powerhouse Partners are vital allies to women and change agents. They advocate for progress and push women forward, whether in a company, project or career success.  

See the 2021 #NEXTPowerhouse Winners

FAQ for #NEXTPowerhouse Awards

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