Fawnda Starkes, Appraisal Desk Manager
ALCOVA Mortgage

In the fall of 2020, I was asked to take on a new role with ALCOVA Mortgage, transitioning from HR to develop and manage an internal appraisal desk team. This afforded me the opportunity to combine my past roles in the real estate and appraisal worlds, my years of systems experience, and couple all of that with my 9 years with ALCOVA. I see the loan process and the appraisal part of that process from various perspectives, which has come in quite handy in this transition.

I’m very proud of the team I’ve built and how we have worked together to create our processes, communicating and building wonderful relationships with our ALCOVA branches and appraisers alike. The system we use is constantly looking to upgrade and create features that will be most helpful to lenders and appraisers, and it’s been humbling to have Reggora contact me on occasion to get my feedback and input on their system and features that could potentially help with their growth.

We still have work to do, but I’m confident that, with my team and the fantastic support of ALCOVA management, we’ll be successful in meeting our goal of providing a great service to our company and we can continue to contribute to the process whereby borrowers can enjoy the experience of home ownership.

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