Neenu Kainth, Chief Digital Officer
Mr. Cooper

In the last 12 months, I’m most proud of:

1). The work my team has accomplished in creating digital solutions for distressed Mr. Cooper customers by providing easily accessible educational resources, helping them assess their options, and ultimately giving them the ability to enter and exit forbearance easily online.

2). The digital offering we created is unique in its capabilities in that it allows customers to evaluate their needs individually and select plans that are best suited for them. In our commitment to ensure a seamless experience for our customers, throughout the last year, we have analyzed data in real-time, collected customer feedback, and swiftly implemented solutions to the digital forbearance tool that improved the customer experience along the way.

3). More than 90 percent of customers who have utilized the digital tool were able to self-serve online without having to call with questions or assistance, which is something I am proud of for my team.

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