Sam Verma, CEO
Peoples Processing

In the last 12 months, I am most proud of:

  1. Running operations at over 130% utilization, helping lenders process loans, and ensuring business continuity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic 

 During the pandemic, right through late 2020/ early 2021, the entire mortgage industry was facing challenges to keep its operations running amidst skill and people shortages. Peoples Processing was one of the companies which took proactive steps to survive COVID and ensure business continuity. We feel proud to have run operations uninterrupted and helping stressed lenders/servicers navigate the uncertainties in their mortgage operations. The most heart-warming moment was receiving all the wonderful appreciation notes from the client. What a bigger achievement than this!

  1. Total commitment and support from our executive management team

To support our growth, we ramped up our executive management team during 2020 and hired some of the industry’s best. One of the primary reasons was to ensure that we are able to deliver the best value to our lender clients and add several marquee clients to our customer list.

During the last several months, as we witnessed several mini-crisis situations, the executive team has been standing staunchly, supporting all the business decisions that we have taken. As a team, we have also stood very strongly to support our team members and mortgage industry colleagues.

I am honored to have such a committed team with me driving our business decisions.

3.Support from family members in time of Covid:

I am forever grateful for the support from my family and the entire teams’ families. Even in the difficult times of covid, we were able to overcome all the challenges and achieve success with their support. I dedicate our victory to the entire team and their families. This is indeed a feather in the cap for Peoples Processing.

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