Sara Nakae, VP of Sales & Business Development
First Close

Recently, I launched and brought to market FirstClose Digital Lending Platform (DLP) which is a home equity point-of-sale tool and application management system fully integrated FirstClose ONE. Specific to home equity lending, lenders can drive prospective borrowers to the application portal where the borrower is able to obtain instant information regarding the equity in their home anytime, anywhere. In addition to providing real-time equity results, DLP can complete a full home equity application and obtain a credit decision in real time directly from the FirstClose ONE platform.

Additionally, the platform includes game-changing automation like SMART Select, which uses intelligence logic to automatically select the title vendor with the best service, best price, and best turn-time for each financial institution’s unique lending footprint. Features like this that make intelligent decisions for lenders are what sets the platform apart.

In light of recent world events, I demonstrated critical leadership by working with numerous associations and strategic partners to deliver solutions to lenders struggling to combat county-wide shutdowns and disruptions of services. These solutions include multiple appraisal options that keep appraisers and homeowners safe while providing critical appraisals to lenders.

Additionally, I was instrumental in bringing to market new offerings for a suite of “no-contact” products. These offerings are designed to assist lenders adapting and struggling through the COVID-19 Crisis.

“No Contact” products addressing county closings:
• Instant Property Reports
• Equiguard

“No Contact” products addressing social distancing:
• Verisite Mobile Appraisal Solutions
• Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
• Exterior Restricted Appraisal Report (RAR)
• Curbside Closings

My quick action and out-of-the-box- thinking has allowed the financial industry to maintain lending operations during these most challenging times.

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