Vickie Butler, SVP, Operations Manager Warehouse Lending
Texas Capital Bank

In the last 12 months, I am most proud of


  • I’m so proud to be able to say that I work with some of the greatest staff members within our own Warehouse Lending Department and other internal departments at Texas Capital Bank. It started with our Business Continuity Team that had the foresight to have us go through a mock “Pandemic” in October 2019 and to “think outside the box” on what we needed to do.  No one could have ever imagined that (5) months later, we would be literally in the midst of a pandemic in March 2020.  This mock pandemic helped us to stock up on protective gear such as masks and gloves as well as cleaning supplies.  Our Relationship Specialists Team could work remotely, but our Collateral Team (essential staff) had to be onsite during the entire pandemic and through the Texas Ice Storm at a nearby hotel for a week. Through it all, we became even closer as a Team.  There was no room for “fear or complaints” to dwell because we remained focused on our purpose of taking care of our clients, our company and remaining as safe as possible.


  • Over the past 12 months, I’ve learned the power of “gentleness”. By nature, my Leadership Compass DNA is a NORTH: “Get it Done”.  I’m assertive, quick to act, courageous, decisive, think in terms of the bottom line, and not stopped by “NO”.  But what comes with my Leadership style is a certain “voice tone and body language” at times, that could come across to our staff as being too “authoritative”.  As an only child from a toddler to a teenager, I was always taking on a Leadership role in some capacity.  I’ve Facilitated over five years of Leadership Training courses at work with my staff.  But what stood out the most during one of my training modules this past year was the power of “gentleness”.  I have “tough skin” so I asked my Team to provide constructive feedback to me on my approach during topic discussions, escalations, or when I’m providing constructive feedback to them.  I explained that my goal was to communicate effectively and at times firmly, but with a more “gentle” approach at each touchpoint.  I’m proud to say that I’ve received a report card of an (A) from many of my staff members which is very important.  They know that I appreciate all that they do and want to always create a good work environment to be able to have a “safe zone” to share areas of improvements that (WE) all need as Leaders.

Meeting Janet Reilley Hewitt

  • Many people see me as an “Extrovert” Leader. But what Janet Reilley Hewitt was able to learn about me, is that I’m so comfortable and content with just sitting at home on my couch with my bunny slippers reading a good book, or writing in my journal for hours.  No noise, no TV, no distractions, just quiet time.  I’m not one to seek the attention of being nominated for this or that.  Other agencies, managers, or co-workers have approached me and nominated me for various awards over the years.  I’m extremely grateful and humbled by the accolades, but it does push me out of my comfort zone at times.  The article that Janet Reilley Hewitt wrote in June 2021 under Executive Profiles: NEXTtraordinary People – really pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I struggled with sharing such a detailed article, but Janet took me under her “Journalistic Wings” and made me comfortable to share my career journey.  I’ve received so much positive feedback and support from my Texas Capital Bank team, church members that learned about the article, and the agencies that I’ve volunteered for over the years.  Janet said that I should be PROUD of my accomplishments and that my mom would be proud of me too.  Thank you so much Janet Reilley Hewitt for your encouragement!
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