Not Your Average Market: A Modern Economist’s Perspective of Housing in 2021

Forget the “same old, same old” economic blah blah and understand today’s housing market in a new and meaningful way. Dr. Skylar Olsen, one of her generation’s leading voices in housing economics, gives a fresh take on today’s unique housing market. This millennial star economist is passionate about the housing industry, from the economic impact of climate change on housing, to the ways different markets impact various communities.

Skylar is Principal Economist at ClimateCheck.com, a startup that allows users to get a climate-related risk assessment based on property address, Founder of consultancy Reimagine Economics, and Principal Economist at Tomo, the mortgage startup founded by two former execs at Zillow, where she worked for eight years.

In 2019, Skylar testified before Congress’ Housing Financial Services Committee, based on the hearing of “The Fair Housing Act: Reviewing Efforts to Eliminate Discrimination and Promote Opportunity in Housing.” Skylar is frequently sought after for commentary in both local and national print and broadcast media.


  • Dr. Skylar Olsen, Principal Economist, ClimateCheck.com; Principal Economist, Tomo; Founder, Reimagine Economics; former Senior Principal Economist at Zillow

Race & Homeownership in 2021’s Hot Housing Market

Today’s housing market is breaking records and experts say it’s no bubble. How is the hot housing market — with its multiple offers, all-cash deals, no-contingency sales, and sales prices far above asking — impacting communities of color?

Three noted exec experts dig into the real impact this market is having on communities of color in 2021. Find out why it’s so important to consider this issue as we move forward, and how the industry can work together to address these challenges.


  • Keosha Burns, Executive Director, Senior Advisor, Community & Affordable Lending, Chase
  • Tony Thompson, Founder/CEO, NAMMBA
  • Dalila Ramos, Vice President, Diversity of Growth, EPM

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Communicating Company Values through Branding

Two rebranding experts discuss the techniques companies use to convey their values to their customers, end-users, employees, partners, and local community.


  • Kelly Ann Doherty, Chief People & Communications Officer, Mr. Cooper
  • Erika Martin, Director of Marketing at Enact (formerly Genworth)

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The Career Impact of Mortgage’s Digital Transformation

Join two multi-decade mortgage industry veterans as they discuss how the industry’s digital evolution impacted their careers, ideas, and viewpoints on the industry, as well as the legacies they want to leave behind.


  • Christy Moss, CMB, Head of Sales & Marketing, FormFree
  • Jocelyn Brooks, National Account Manager, FormFree

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Expanding Product Lines (and Profits) with Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages are still one of the best-kept secrets among certain lenders. Most lenders don’t realize that this rapidly growing market can provide a profitable revenue stream that yields high satisfaction ratings, not only among customers but among originators and staff as well.

  • Learn how to add reverse mortgage to your product line, from tech to operations to training — and look like a hero inside your organization
  • Discover the myths and misconceptions about this often misunderstood product line
  • Find out how to move to implementation, avoid mortifying mistakes and incorporate this channel into your existing processes.


  • Wendy Peel, VP, Sales & Marketing, ReverseVision
  • Sunny Madhii, VP, Operations, ReverseVision
  • Carissa Orozco, Director of Business Development – Strategic Partners, ReverseVision

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20 Minute Mentor: Jackie Dunlap 

Did you know that Jackie Dunlap started her career in subprime? Now, she is a powerhouse Broker/Owner of Next Generation Home Loans, has trained thousands of LOs, and continues to crush for her lender partners & the broker community. Her mentor session honed in on putting aside her feelings & fears and listening to her mentors on how to grow in the industry.


  • Jackie Dunlap, Broker/Owner, NextGeneration Home Loans


How to Maximize Your POS to its Fullest Potential

Mortgage lenders today are faced with an opportunity: deliver a quick and seamless experience to consumers or fall behind. Implementing an end-to-end digital lending platform is key to streamlining application intake. Learn the best practices that LendUS is doing to integrate POS, CRM, and marketing practices from lead to application, underwriting, closing, and funding.

Join us for an informative discussion on how lenders are using technology to meet today’s challenges and the SimpleNexus and LendUS strategic partnership to deliver more value for their lenders, referral partners, and borrowers.


  • Amanda Methot, Director of Marketing, LendUS
  • Paul Drobot, SVP Sales, SimpleNexus

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Capturing Closing Efficiency in the Looming Purchase Market

The market’s inevitable transition to a purchase money market will increase the volume of settlement service providers — along with their related time-consuming, fragmented activities — in the mortgage chain. As a result, lenders without a definitive strategy for streamlining activities, formalizing the process, and preventing lost labor hours will spend (and waste) a lot more resources than their prepared competitors.    

Join two execs — one lender, one tech — as they discuss where, in the mortgage (and purchase) process lenders can and should gain efficiencies, as well as tips and tricks that lenders are using to avoid pitfalls and navigate time-draining challenges.   


  • Craig Austin, EVP, Sales & Business Development, ClosingCorp
  • Jennifer Folk, SVP/National TPO Fulfillment Center Leader, Sierra Pacific Mortgage

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Executive Survey: How Lenders Address Today’s Top Issues

Lender executives have revealed their top issues to include costly duplicative touchpoints and time-draining email traffic, as well as the need for tools that improve capacity, communication, and turnaround times. But there’s so much more. In this session, two senior lender executives and one tech exec explore findings from WFG’s executive roundtable and its ongoing executive surveys and discuss how they and their lender peers are addressing them.


  • Christy Soukhamneut, CMB, CMPS, Chief of Staff/Director of Strategic Mortgage Initiatives, Flagstar Bank
  • Suzy Lindblom, Chief Operating Officer, Kind Lending
  • Dan Bailey, SVP, WFG Lender Services

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20 Minute Mentor: Caitlin Green

Did you know that Caitlin’s path would have been extremely different if a former colleague didn’t see her work from a distance and served her resume on a silver platter, moving her into management for the first time? Her mentor session at #NEXTSUMMER21 was inspirational and full of knowledge.


  • Caitlin Green, SVP, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, ServiceLink


The Real-World Impact of Bots

We’ve all heard of lenders implementing borrower-facing chatbots, but using them internally? Yes. In fact, in today’s high volume, culture-focused environment, bots make. more sense than ever. Join a high-ranking lender executive and a bot/RPA expert as they explore how lenders can use bots internally to improve communication, efficiency, and employee experience.      


  • Jodi Hall, President, Nationwide Mortgage Bankers & Americasa
  • Sammie Stephens, VP, Customer Success, Capacity

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Cutting Through the Noise – Meaningful Innovations in Valuation Tech

Valuation tech has advanced a lot in the last few years but it can be hard to decipher what’s fact and what’s hype. Join this session for a conversation between a lender executive and a valuation insider, as they separate hyped-up jargon from the true advancements that make a bottom-line difference.


  • Jennifer Folk, SVP/National TPO Fulfillment, Sierra Pacific Mortgage
  • Kiana Escandon, Western Region Account Executive, Global DMS

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C-Suite Conversation: Leadership in a Time of Digital Transformation

The pandemic pushed companies out of their comfort zones and into much-needed technological advancement. It also left many mortgage companies in a state of “tech overload” exhaustion — in a market where technology use could mean the difference between success and failure.

In this session, two of the mortgage industry’s most admired C-suite leaders discuss the challenges of leading teams in the Covid-19 era; strategies for promoting innovation, productivity, and continued technology adoption; and reasons a continued focus on technology is so important going forward.


  • Suzy Lindblom, COO, Kind Lending
  • Shelley Leonard, EVP, Chief Product Officer, Black Knight

Leaders in Conversation: Next-Stage Lessons from 2020

Join two respected executive leaders for an intimate discussion on lessons learned from guiding teams and leading companies during the 2020’s many changes and challenges.

  • Learn how each leader adapted to the pandemic’s WFH mandates, the nation’s increased focus on social justice, and uber-high origination volumes.
  • Find out which skill sets and past experiences most helped them navigate 2020’s unprecedented circumstances
  • Discover the new leadership skills and lessons they mastered to keep their companies moving forward

Kimberly Nichols, Senior Managing Director, PennyMac Loan Services, LLC.
Claudia J. Merkle, CEO, National Mortgage Insurance Corporation

eClosing Implementations for Executives: Keys to Success

A successful implementation can make an executive’s career. A failed one can marr it. Any implementation can be tricky, but with so many nuanced variables to consider, eNotes can be even more so. In this session, a lender executive speaks with experts in eNotes and implementations to reveal the keys to a methodical, well-executed transition to eNotes.

  • Learn the four keys to success
  • Discover how to heighten adoption among LO’s and branch managers
  • Learn how to avoid potential pitfalls and repercussions of a failed implementation


  • Teri Pansing, VP, Corporate Closing, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • Amy Moses, Senior Field Marketing Manager, Snapdocs
  • Camilia Martin, Head of Industry & Regulatory Affairs, Snapdocs

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Avoiding Overvaluation Risk and Appraisal Bias in Today’s Challenging Market

Our industry is at a new frontier. Housing market inventory is driving up prices, origination volume is running at capacity, and appraisal bias is a reality. This session brings together a lender executive and valuation expert to discuss the latest on how lenders are using the latest technology to help solve these challenging issues. Join this session to learn:

  • How can lenders be sure appraisers are not just matching the hot market prices
  • How lenders can use data more objectively to reduce bias within the appraisal cycle


  • Jennifer Folk, SVP/National TPO Fulfillment, Sierra Pacific Mortgage
  • Kenon Chen, EVP, Corporate Strategy, Clear Capital

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20 Minute Mentor: Mindy Stearns

Mindy Stearns was only in her 20s when she got an opportunity that would catapult her into a successful career in television and radio, after being chosen to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show when she was just an audience member.

Today, this two-time Emmy nominee, Golden Mike Award winner, and Woman of the Year is now Chief Kindness Officer at Kind Lending, the fast-growing mortgage lending firm founded by Mindy’s husband, noted industry veteran Glenn Stearns.

Watch her 20-minute mentor session as she shares exclusive intel on strategy, attracting top-talent, operations & more. 


  • Mindy Stearns, Chief Kindness Officer, Kind Lending


Mortgage Compliance in 2021

A panel of Chief Compliance Officers discuss lenders’ biggest compliance concerns, from evergreen challenges like MLO compensation to recent changes like QM rulings and APOR guidelines to post-election topics, like CFPB rulemaking and direction of the agency — and more.


  • Laura LaRaia, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer at Sprout Holdings
  • Laurie Sullivan, Chief Compliance Officer, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation
  • Loriann Ventura, SVP, Operational Risk Governance, Kind Lending


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